Our Work

What can businesses and communities do to help the environment?

Steps for Businesses

  • Optimize/reduce product packaging where possible
  • Reduce waste/wasted space
  • Use less packaging, smaller packages
  • Replace styrofoam, plastic with recyclable paper, cardboard
  • Biodegradable, recycled material
  • Reusable packages, packages that can serve a purpose related to the product, packaging that is part of the product
  • Offer more extensive, enticing repair services to customers for products in place of buying new so as to reduce waste
  • Take advantage of natural lighting, windows, geographic features to serve a function within the factory
  • Give special consideration to resource extraction processes and procurement, suppliers
  • Do business with sustainable producers and other local suppliers
  • Engage in more sustainable production processes and shipping methods
  • Give waste byproducts a second life as a new product or resource input
  • Conduct research to determine how to reuse inputs that otherwise might go to a landfill
  • Find ways to use heat, gas generated by manufacturing processes/convert it to energy
  • Develop, invest in more energy efficient, time efficient machinery
  • Take advantage of green technology grants to perform sustainable development R&D

Steps for Communities

  • Turn off lights when you leave the room
  • Don’t forget to recycle!
  • Repurpose old towels and t-shirts and cut them into small cleaning cloths
  • Reuse scrap paper; print on two sides
  • Instead of using disposable bags opt for reusable bags
  • Buy an inexpensive reusable water bottle, instead of using plastic disposable bottles
  • Pay your bills online instead of via mail to save paper
  • Avoid fast fashion as much as you can
  • Use public transportation
  • Read books like Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Food Rules, and The Backyard Homestead and be inspired
  • Plant a simple backyard garden. It’s good to remember where our food originates, and it doesn’t have to be huge or complicated
  • Drive the speed limit, and combine as many errands as you can in one trip
  • Support your local economy and shop at your farmer’s market

Shifting our lifestyle and consumer choices is one way we can help address particular problems; getting politically active with our voices and votes can also help push for more systemic, widespread change. And one of the most effective ways to help realize a more sustainable future is to also support environmental nonprofits.